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When it comes to maintaining your network, finding the right balance of manufacturer maintenance can be tricky. Rising maintenance costs have probably meant you've been forced to make difficult decisions about which equipment to upgrade and which gear to cover. Perhaps you have had to leave parts of your network unprotected or been forced to pay reinstatement or back support to re-deploy a previously retired piece of equipment.

Support Track helps you to get your maintenance contracts accurate and manageable and ensures that the contracts stay that way. We work to consolidate maintenance and support services for multi-vendor systems where possible and coordinate with manufacturers to bring like products under a single contract with a single end date.

Discovery Phase

Current Assets: To confirm current contracts we review IT department inventories to the records of individual manufacturers. We investigate discrepancies and reconcile with you to find assets no longer deployed that should be removed from contracts. In addition we look for new assets from recent purchases that may have not been included on support with the initial purchase.
Expired Assets: In the cases of expired support, we work with manufacturers to mitigate penalties and fees to bring an asset back under support for a fair price.
Unsupported assets: In cases where assets were bought without support from a manufacturer or just the limited manufacturer warranty, we work to bring those back under support while minimizing penalties imposed by the manufacturer.

Reporting Phase

At the beginning of each quarter, Support Track customers receive a Quarterly Asset Report that shows all IT assets managed by us. Additionally, at the beginning of the 4th quarter, we provide a Support Budget Report to assist in year end budget planning. Our reports are updated throughout the year for price increases or decreased and are available on demand at any time.

Renewal Phase

As asset approach their renewal period, customers receive a quote to renew support. Quote are sent 90 days prior to expiration so there is adequate time to review. Support Track process contract renewals with manufactures to make sure there are no lapses in support.

Manage Phase

In the manage phase, we start all over again. At the beginning of a new customer relationship we often offer renewal services to a single manufacture and add new manufacturers as the relationship matures through regular dialogue and exchange of information. We offer change management when a manufacturer point of contract needs to be changed and when assets are added or deleted. We track manufacturer price changes throughout the year and update our reports to keep your information accurate.

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